by Glen Eyrie

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special thanks to Alex Sorenson, Riley Bohr, Matthew Lahiff, Jess Schefke, Nick Miller, and Alex Demetriou.


released May 26, 2017



all rights reserved


Glen Eyrie Ann Arbor, Michigan

Glen Eyrie sometimes goes beep beep. Sometime go vroom vroom. We're a car.

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Track Name: Orange Kaori
i hope you find your paradise, or at least that's what i'm supposed to say. no one's ever gonna wanna be in my life. you'd always try to comfort me until today

the past is just a story we tell ourselves, until the pages become real and fiction swoops down to steal you away
i am just a feeling that sits on your shelf, until you want to collect the friendship you left yesterday

its romantic to deceive, that's what you are telling me.
in a world of only dreams, hotel bathtubs are leaking
i can't let go. leave me alone.

you were my California Florida
Track Name: Angel City
i think too hard now i lost my mind, oh no. i can't remember what i wanted to say to you. i want to apologize for what i put you through. so thank you

remember what it means to be a friend? gathering information to make amends. i'll keep the memories that weigh me down, and i store them in my halo.
Track Name: Fatal Flaw
a crack in time, a restless night. paranoia got the best of us. when you're mad, you're really mad. you say it's ok.

but i know that i'm the bad luck charm hung around your neck, strengthening your burdens, tightening it's grasp with every word i say.
it's soon to make your neck snap.

i'm the bug in this machine
i'm the flaw in the design
i'm your worst enemy
one day you'll be mine
Track Name: Living in the Past
i've been keeping time looking through a hollow ball.
who's that ghost in the hall?
i will never know.
what happened to your soul?
if you're still watching over me i'll definitely be wandering around my house, wondering if my memories will come to life
when will i remember how to keep my friends close?
Track Name: Hotel Library Thinking
you grow up for college and throw up your knowledge in pages on pages of scrolls to prove your heart of gold
i can fix broken parts of everything: hospital wires to small machines, but i know you've been looking for someone to cut the cord between your ankles.
fall, of course, to the floor.
making decisions with peter perfect precision.
who never knows best? where's your answer?

admit defeat, admit to me
commit this to a forgotten memory